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How To Set Up a BOI Company in Thailand. A step-by-step guide.

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Looking to set up a BOI company in Thailand? We’re here to help!

What is a BOI company in Thailand?

In Thailand, a BOI (Board of Investment) Company refers to a business that the Thai government has granted special incentives and privileges. If you’re thinking of establishing a company in Thailand, considering a BOI Promotion should be a top priority. Such companies enjoy numerous advantages including the ability to have full foreign ownership, tax breaks, and more lenient regulations regarding work permits and visas.

BOI Company Set Up Thailand

Interested in obtaining a BOI Licence in Thailand? Here’s a clear roadmap to guide you.

Your BOI Licence Preparation Blueprint

BOI Application Evaluation
Our seasoned experts to review your business strategies and provide feedback on your probability of success.

Duration: 3 business days

Compilation and Submission of BOI Application
Trust our team to handle every detail of your preliminary application – from gathering necessary documentation to completing the requisite forms.

Duration: 7 to 15 days

Crafting your Presentation for the BOI
Collaborate with our specialists to ensure you and your crew are impeccably equipped for the BOI presentation.

Duration: 7 to 15 days post-BOI application submission

Post-Approval Actions and Further Steps
This includes registering a Limited Company in Thailand (or shifting the BOI authorization to a pre-existing entity), setting up a bank account, transferring the essential starting capital from overseas, and applying for the Foreign Business Certificate.

– 21 days for Company Registration, bank account setup, and capital transfer
– Additional 14 days for securing the Foreign Business Certificate.

Consult with our specialists to gain further insights and to initiate your journey. ATA Services is here to support you at each stage.

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