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Closing a Thai Company


If you want to close your Thai Limited company, our team can provide a cost-effective and fast service. Regardless of the reason of your liquidation, we will ensure all the steps are followed to close your company in a legal way.

Before starting legal procedures, the company must organize a shareholders’ meeting. 75% of the shareholders have to agree on closing down the company. The outcome of this meeting should be advertised in the local newspaper to notify creditors.

In order to close a Thai company, 2 steps are needed. The first step is dissolution and then the liquidation.

The dissolution

will be the official termination of the company’s existence. The company will need to apply for deregistration of VAT at the Revenue Department. An application must be filed at the Ministry of Commerce with the closing audit.

For a liquidation of a company

you first need to proceed to an audit of your company. Our accountants will review assets and liabilities. In order to proceed further, the company will have to liquidate its assets, file tax returns and pay all taxes as well as paying salaries and severance.
The latest step will be to register the liquidation with the Department of Business Development and complete the process.

Our lawyers and accountants can take care of the dissolution and liquidation at once, saving you time and making the process easier. Contact us today for more information.

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