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Forensic Audit Services

Forensic Audit in Thailand

A forensic audit is a specialized type of financial examination that is conducted with the primary goal of detecting and preventing fraud, financial mismanagement, or other financial irregularities within an organization. It involves a thorough investigation of financial records, transactions, and documents to uncover evidence that may be used in legal proceedings.

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Here are key aspects of a forensic audit:


The primary purpose of a forensic audit is to uncover and document financial misconduct, fraud, or irregularities. It is often initiated in response to suspected wrongdoing, legal disputes, or regulatory compliance concerns.


The scope of a forensic audit can vary widely depending on the specific circumstances. It may involve reviewing financial statements, bank records, invoices, contracts, emails, and other relevant documents. The audit team may also interview employees and gather witness statements.


Forensic auditors must maintain independence and objectivity throughout the investigation. They are typically external experts or specialized internal auditors with the necessary skills to conduct such examinations.

Evidence Collection:

Collecting and preserving evidence is a crucial aspect of a forensic audit. This evidence may be used in legal proceedings, so it must be handled carefully to maintain its integrity.

Legal Compliance:

Forensic auditors must adhere to legal and regulatory requirements while conducting their investigation. This may include considerations related to data privacy and confidentiality.


At the conclusion of the forensic audit, a detailed report is typically prepared. This report outlines the findings, provides an analysis of the evidence, and may make recommendations for further action. The report is often used in legal proceedings or by law enforcement agencies.

Litigation Support:

Forensic auditors may provide expert testimony in court proceedings or assist legal counsel in preparing their case based on the findings of the audit.

Types of Fraud Examined:

Forensic audits can be used to investigate various types of financial misconduct, including embezzlement, bribery, money laundering, financial statement fraud, insider trading, and asset misappropriation.

Preventive Measures:

In addition to uncovering financial irregularities, forensic auditors may make recommendations to prevent future occurrences of fraud or financial misconduct within the organization. This may involve strengthening internal controls and implementing fraud prevention measures.


Maintaining the confidentiality of the investigation is critical to protect both the integrity of the audit and the privacy of the individuals involved.

Forensic audits play a crucial role in uncovering financial wrongdoing and providing evidence for legal actions. They are often conducted by certified forensic accountants or forensic audit specialists who have expertise in investigative techniques and financial analysis. These professionals work diligently to provide an accurate and objective account of financial irregularities to support legal actions or internal actions within an organization.

As a one-stop service solution, we will set the Forensic Audit report and then our legal department can carry on if necessary legal actions need to be taken.

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