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Financial Statement Audit Services

Financial Statement Audit in Thailand

This is the most common type of audit. Auditors examine the company’s financial statements to determine if they present a true and fair view of the company’s financial position and performance. This audit is often required for statutory and regulatory compliance.

As a one-stop service solution, ATA Outsourcing, with our team of auditors, accountants, and financial controllers, is pleased to propose a financial statement audit for your company.

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Financial Statement Audit Main Topics:

These audits are a critical part of financial reporting and help ensure the accuracy and reliability of a company’s financial information.

Here are the key aspects of a financial statement audit:

Independent Auditor: The audit is conducted by an independent and qualified auditor or auditing firm that has no financial interest in the company being audited. This independence is crucial to maintain objectivity and integrity.

Financial Statements: The auditor examines a company’s financial statements, which typically include the balance sheet, income statement (profit and loss statement), statement of cash flows, and statement of changes in equity. These statements summarize a company’s financial performance and position.

Audit Procedures: The auditor performs various audit procedures to gather evidence and assess the financial statements’ reliability. These procedures may include:

  • Testing transactions and account balances
  • Confirming account balances with third parties
  • Reviewing internal controls and processes
  • Analyzing significant accounting estimates
  • Confirming compliance with accounting standards and regulations.

Materiality: The auditor determines the materiality threshold, which is the level at which errors or discrepancies in financial statements become significant. Material errors are those that could affect the decisions of financial statement users.

Audit Opinion: At the end of the audit, the auditor provides an audit opinion in a formal report. The audit opinion can take several forms indicating:

  • The financial statements are presented fairly in all material respects and comply with accounting standards.
  • Misstatements or limitations in the audit that prevent the auditor from providing an unqualified opinion.
  • The financial statements do not comply with accounting standards or are materially misstated.
  • Unable to form an opinion due to significant limitations or uncertainties

Management Responsibility: It is the responsibility of a company’s management to prepare the financial statements and maintain effective internal controls. The auditor’s role is to provide an independent assessment.

Audit Services We Provide:

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