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Notarial Services


ATa Outsourcing is providing Thai Notarial Services. In many countries, Notary Public are the ones officiating to authenticate and act as witnesses. In Thailand, Notarial Attorneys are carrying out those functions.

We have numerous lawyers who are qualified to superintend various requests for both individuals’ and businesses’ documents at a reasonable cost.
Notarized documents are extremely essential in proving that it is authentic. A person that has a document notarized has valid proof or a strong grip of evidence when needed in a courthouse.

What is the Notarial Services Attorney?

Notarial Services Attorney is a Lawyer who is accredited by the Thai Lawyers Council Under the Royal Patronage and has authority to certified document.

A notary lawyer has a special license that allows him to take oaths and affirmations, witness signatures and attest identity of people signing documents. All documents can be used abroad or submit to the embassy in Thailand.

Why do you need Notarized documents?

As you are in Thailand and you need to use your document abroad for your business propose or other reasons. The destination that going to accept your document must ensure that it is real document or real signature, so, they need Notarial Attorney in such territory to certified of the correctness.

Document that needs certification

  • Copy of Passport: This is a basic document that you need to use for support of any application in abroad. Most likely, our clients came to certify the true copy of their passport.
  • Proof of Address: Basically, when you open a bank account or set up a business abroad, the bank or the authority aboard will need your exact address in Thailand to contact with you. In this case, you must provide the document shown your name and address to our Notarial officer such as utility bill, credit card statement etc. Then our Notarial Attorney will prepare letter certified your name and address attached with the document that you are provided.

In case you document in Thai language, our Notarial Attorney can assist to translate your name and address into English.

  • Government form: Sometimes you need to submit the document to the embassy, but the Embassy need you to sign some embassy’s form and certified by Notarial Services Attorney. In this case, you can bring such form to our business center in Bangkok to certify.
  • Signature: Any documents that you need to sign in Thailand and courier to abroad for any business propose such as Power of Attorney, Agreement, etc. Most likely, they will ask you to certify your signature from Notarial Attorney to ensure that it is the real signature.

How can you get certified by Notarial Services Attorney?

You can call or email us for arrange an appointment for meeting with our notarial attorney at our business centres at Green Tower, Rama IV Road or Bangna Complex, Bangna-Trad Road, we have notarial attorney standby to assists you.

Please bring along your document that you need to certify and your passport for identification.

How long does it take?

The process of notarize document with take about 1-2 Hours for process.
Whatever the reason for having the assistance of a Thai Notarial Attorney, Ata Outsourcing will always be ready to help with our lawyers to notarize your document.

Do you have documents that needs to be Legalized or Authenticated?

Sometimes only notarized document from Thai Notarial Attorney is insufficient, your documents might need to be legalized at Thai Ministry of Foreign Affair and the Embassy or Consulate where the documents will be used.
Our notarial attorney will be able to work with Thai Ministry of Foreign Affair or the Embassy or Consulate in Bangkok on your behalf. If you are unsure about whether you need any documents legalized, you can contact us by call or email.
We can handle all these process for you.

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