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Accounting Services


Outsource your accounting to a professional and efficient team. Our accountant’s team are able to provide knowledge on tax filing, bookkeeping, financial reporting, withholding tax.

Our accounting services will allow saving time to improve your business and focus on customers rather than losing time on administrative and repetitive tasks. Monthly and yearly accounting tasks and financial reports will give you an overview of your current situation. Our accountants are licensed and have been trained to facilitate your business.

In addition, our solution is easy and affordable, we will manage all administrative issues and report to you in Thai or English. If any problem is identified, our team will help you solve it to meet Thai legal requirements.


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It includes:

Foreign or Thai companies have been using our services to get an accurate and professional service. Our services are adapted to fit your business needs and to be fitting the Department of Revenue and Ministry of Commerce requirements.

Financial statements will get you a global overview of your actual performance, reports such as balance sheets, profit and loss statement and annual reports will be guiding you through possible improvements.

Our accountancy professionals are helping you with different things such as:
  1. Tax filing services each month, including PND. 1, PND. 3, PND. 53, PP30 and do purchase report and Selling report
  2. Recording accounting system with accounting software that Thai Revenue department has accepted, a daily account book, ledger accounting and tax requirements
  3. Filing Services to submit social security contributions and submission to social insurance department
  4. Tax Filing Services estimates tax half- year (PND. 51) and tax year-end (PND. 50)
  5. Trial conducted annually audited by an auditor. With detailed financial information, including bank reconciliation statements, detailed accounts – accounts payable balances, assets. Depreciation and Amortization

Why using our Accounting Services

Be it a large company or a small business, proper accounting is always compulsory to protect the company’s financial stability and to grow your company with financial strength.

Without proper accounting services, companies and businesses will continue to accumulate losses and tax guilty without knowing; this will in time, lead to the fall and demise of that entity.

In Thailand, companies are required to take accounts and afterward submit tax reports to the Revenue Department. They are also required to submit the audit reports to both the Revenue Department and the Ministry of Commerce within 150 days after the fiscal year’s end. Here are some of the due needed to be paid both monthly and yearly by the company.


– Input and Output Value Added Tax (VAT) report when the company register the VAT

 Withholding tax certificate and return form when the company make any payment


– Audit report

– Half-year PL estimation

 Summary of personal income withholding tax


Visa & Work Permit

The process of work permit and visa to stay legally in Thailand can be lengthy and stressful. ATa Services Plus goes through every step with you and will help you to get those documents smoothly. We will get a non-b visa for you to be able to work as well as a work permit. We are able to provide visa for your family too. Moreover, our staff will help you collect all documents necessary and fill it with you to make sure that everything is done perfectly.

Our assistants will bring you to immigration and ensure that this moment goes fast and easy. Our company can provide visas for BOI companies and also for non-BOI. Additionally, they will support you for 90 days reports on request.

PEO Services (Contract Staff)

Use our Payroll and HR outsourcing services to hire your employees. ATa Services Plus will handle administrative burden while allowing you to focus on managing your business.

This solution allows you to hire foreigners or Thais in accordance with Thai law and labor regulations. Furthermore, our PEO Services is including HR and Payroll outsourcing. Managing overseas team has never been so easy and convenient!

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