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Visa & Work Permit

Visa & Work Permit Services

Work permit and visa applications/renewals for foreigners always involve a lot of administrative work. It is also complex as the rules and regulations are often changing.

No matter the size of your company, and whether you have BOI certification or not, ATA Services has a dedicated team devoted to serving you at all relevant government departments. This is what makes the difference…

We know exactly what the procedures are, the different possibilities and the necessary documents to be submitted. We are always prepared, and this is what saves time!

The procedures are different and the following need to be considered:

  • Your company is BOI certified or not
  • Your employee is already in Thailand or not
  • Your employee already has a valid work permit and visa from a previous company
  • Your employee has another possible visa in Thailand like ED visa, spouse visa, retirement visa, etc.
  • The nationality of your employee.

Additional complexity is added if the employee is coming with his family and they also require visas. You also need to think about the 90 days reporting for the employees and/or for the family.

ATA Services takes care of everything.

Contact us to get your quotation. Our fees are extremely competitive, and the more foreigners you have the better savings you can achieve.

What is also important is to minimize the time your employee will need to spend at the immigration offices, and not going there several times because something is missing…we believe in minimizing the time and stress involved.


Visa You Can Apply For


ATa Outsourcing provides work permit to allow you to work legally in Thailand. Indeed, our team will accompany you during all steps to get your work permit approved. We are able to provide a digital work permit as well as a normal work permit. Our staff will help you to get all the required documents to ensure a smooth process.


ATa Outsourcing can provide you with a visa non-b multi entry as well as a bank account. We will also be able to help you to do your 90 days report. Your visa process will never be so easy and fast! Every year you will have to renew your visa. If you need to leave Thailand, our staff will cancel your visa according to your schedule.


If you are coming with your close ones, we are able to provide them a visa that will allow them to stay in Thailand as long as you are here. This solution does not allow them to work legally in Thailand. The Non-O visa is divided into 3 categories: Thailand retirement visa, Thailand marriage visa, Thailand Guardian Visa for parents.


Once we have collected all the required documents, our assistant brings you to immigration and will apply for your work permit and your visa at once. Within few hours, you will be done.


With over 100 foreigners having their work permit and visa under ATa Services Plus, our team is expert in immigration processes and is always up to date with new regulations.


Our solution has been designed to make sure that our customers are having a fast, easy and convenient process. Immigration can be stressful, we relieve you from unnecessary stress.


Our solution is affordable, we do not overcharge our services. Our fees are fixed and transparent, we will only charge the required services, no extra. Our assistants will charge a global fee.


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