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Thailand Trademark


A trademark is any symbol, word or combination used to represent or identify a product. A trademark will help a consumer identifying one product from another one. Customers can identify the brand from its competitors and judge of its quality. Therefore, it is essential to register your trademark to get legal protection against counterfeit products and avoid any harm to your company.

If you have a foreign trademark it will not protect your brand, therefore you have to apply for a Thai trademark. The process is time-consuming; however, your trademark will be protected from the day you submit it.

The owner of the trademark can apply at the Department of Intellectual Property. Your trademark must be distinctive, must not be similar to any mark already registered and not prohibited. After submitting the application, there will be a period of opposition, any party can contest your trademark. If your mark passes this period, you will be registered and be the owner of your trademark.

A trademark is protected for a period of 10 years from the date of submission. You can renew every 10 years; you must submit renewal 90 days before the expiration date.

Our team is able to assist you in doing a check of other trademarks to ensure no similar marks have already been registered. Once this background check has been done, our legal experts will proceed to register your trademark on your behalf.

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