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PEO Services


ATa Outsourcing helps you setup your business in Thailand by providing PEO services. As a Professional Employer Organization, we hire your employees in Thailand on your behalf. Our company focuses on adapting our outsourcing solutions to fit your business needs. Outsourcing your HR and payroll will allow you to manage your business smoothly and concentrate on your core business. Furthermore, our scope of activity is wide and develop 4 main aspects:

PEO, what is it?

PEO stands for Professional Employer Organization. specifically, it defines a company providing HR outsourcing and Payroll outsourcing services for other companies. In other words, PEO services incorporate the outsourcing of payroll, employee benefits, and regulatory compliance. In addition, Employers responsibilities are shared between Ata Services and you, it is called a co-employment agreement.

Salary and Payroll Processing

– Calculate income for employees
– Provide PND 1 form for income tax
– Manage traveling expenses for employees
– Issue Payroll checks and transfers.
– Issue Payslips

Social Insurance

– Submit monthly social insurance
– Add new employees to Thai social insurance system
– Inform social insurance for employment end contract or termination.
– Complete Social Funds filings.

HR Services

– Recommendation on contract terms
– Review of letters to employees
– Salaries report
– Employment contracts
– Compensation & Benefits


  • Would you like to focus on your main activity?
  • Do you have employees working in Thailand and you need to outsource the payroll?
  • Do you need to be able to work in Thailand legally?
  • Are you having a hard time to handle all the visa and work-permit processes?
  • Would you like to reduce your staff costs?
  Our PEO solution will help you by hiring your staff under ATA name. Hence, you can focus on your business without having to worry about administrative tasks such as Work Permit and Visa. This solution does not interfere with your daily operation tasks, the employee is still managed by you and reports to your executives. Insurance and tax issues will be managed by Ata Outsourcing.
  • We are specialized in administrative management and Thai labor regulation.
  • We help companies who want to develop a business in Thailand without creating a local subsidiary upfront.
  • We hire and externalize the recruitment of people in Thailand for Thai employees or Foreigners.
  • We sponsor a work permit and visa for foreigners.
  • We take care of the administration of our customers’ human resources.
  Our solutions are easy and fast to implement. We offer a high value added service at low cost compared to administrate a subsidiary company.

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